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Senin, Mei 18, 2009

the Eee PC 1008HA seashell netbook

Well, Asus has been very long for the press release that equates their latest laptop, the Eee PC 1008HA seashell netbook, all things to the beach. So, fine sand and seashell finished exterior side, why do not we go down there and see what is under the tent, this 1-inch thick machine? Front and center is a LED backlit 10-inch LCD offers a resolution of 1024 × 600. Moving together is the Intel Atom 280 processor and 160GB HDD with 10GB of online stores, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth 2. 2x + EDR and USB port. Seashell in a slim 2.42 pounds and is available in pink, black, white, red, blue, and blue sapphire. No word on price or availability yet per.

Rabu, April 22, 2009

Google Chrome Extension Support

Alternate browsers are becoming increasingly popular, even though Internet Explorer still has a stronghold when it comes to market share. Some of the most popular alternate web browsers available include Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google’s new Chrome web browser.

Still in beta, Google’s "Chrome" has attracted less than 2% of the Internet browser market at its peak, but Google engineers are working to enhance the software to make it more appealing and useful to its users. One very popular idea for improving Chrome is the addition of an extension system, which will enable third-party developers to produce plugins for any number of add-on features, ranging from browser enhancements to RSS readers, calendar/reminder extensions, etc.Chrome users can then install the plugins to complete tasks that Google did not integrate into the web browser.

Mozilla Firefox, a browser that holds the record for the most downloads in a single day, has the ability to integrate third-party plugins, which has been perhaps the greatest factor in achieving its 20% web browser market share.

One of Google’s developers made the announcement that Google is looking into integrating third-party browser plugins for Chrome. They also released a design document that provided an outline for what needed to be done in order to add plugin support. This functionality is certainly at the top of the wishlist for most Chrome users, and Google seems to be working on providing the support as quickly as possible. The first plugins planned for integration include Flash and an ad blocker (ironic), which are some of the more popular plugins for Mozilla Firefox.

Unfortunately, Google has yet to announce when this implementation will be complete, but at least we know that they plan on offering extension support in the near future.

Selasa, April 21, 2009

Bulletproof MySpace Game Poised to Challenge Mafia Wars

A new MySpace game has recently surfaced that is poised to give Mafia Wars some stiff competition. Named Bulletproof, the game offers players a number of advantages over Mafia Wars, especially considering the recent frustration Zynga has caused for many of its players.

With Mafia Wars, you must endlessly get other MySpace game players to become friends with you on MySpace and then request approval to become family members inside the game. Your player’s strength is greatly affected by the number of family members you have. Bulletproof does not require this, which gives you a lot more time to actually play as well as preventing all the hassle of working to get all the family members (500).

Since your character in Mafia Wars should have so many family members, you also have to equip each with weapons, defense, and vehicles. Bulletproof only requires that you look out for yourself and build your own character.

Ability points are more challenging to come by in Bulletproof, which makes them very precious. This also makes the game more of a challenge, and thus more entertaining.

One of the best aspects of Bulletproof is how interactive it is. While Mafia Wars will offer you a special item every once in a while (that is not really beneficial since they are never used when you already have the napalm), that’s about it. On the other hand, Bulletproof is highly interactive with several special items, competitions with other players to get items better than those you can obtain normally in the game, and more.

Bulletproof offers a comprehensive selection of jobs, investments, and inventory, with more on the way. In fact, new content will be added on an ongoing basis.

The fight list is structured in such a way that only players within the same level range are able to fight during normal game-play. This is especially useful for new players, but also high-level players since higher level opponents can typically withstand more hits, and therefore yield more experience. In Mafia Wars, there are ongoing problems with the fight list that prevent you from facing comparable opponents.

Additional extras not present in Mafia Wars include an armory (which requires a special badge obtained by defeating an enforcer for access), junkyard for obtaining rare items not available elsewhere that are available occasionally by random, ranking system details, and more player information. Being sent to jail is actually implemented in Bulletproof also. While you can see a jailed count in the Mafia Wars stats, it doesn’t seem to be used at all during game-play.

Bulletproof is also being actively developed. Therefore, suggestions and new ideas are being considered, and the game is being improved continuously. Bulletproof seems to be a better game than Mafia Wars in virtually every aspect. All it needs is more players. Join in on the fun! A support and community chat is also available for the game here.

Mafia MoFo - Not Just Another Mafia Game

Recently, there has been a lot of activity with online mafia / mobster games, from the problems with Mafia Wars to the launch of Bulletproof, New Mafia, and more. You may be asking why you would care about yet another mafia game.

Mafia MoFo sets itself apart from the rest in several ways. Mafia MoFo is not a MySpace game, which generally makes it more easily accessible, without the performance issues associated with Myspace. However, what really sets Mafia MoFo apart from the rest is the amount of entertaining activities that are available. Mafia MoFo is miles ahead of the other games in this regard. Some of the virtual properties and activities available include a pharmacy for buying drugs, real estate purchasing (house and land), equipment shop, pawn shop, black market, point shop, used car lot, bus station, ability to drive to another city (if you have a car), jobs, hire a private investigator, stock market, gambling (lottery, slot machine, and 50/50 game), and more. Players increase stats by working out in the gym. Numerous crime jobs are available to increase experience and earn cash. Of course, fighting is also available, as well as a hitlist. The game is further enhanced with interactive contests and events that award prizes, such as a medal or other special item. On top of all that, the job outcomes and other messages displayed throughout the game are humorous and very enjoyable, making the entire game experience pleasant and relaxed.

The game is brand new. Therefore, it is being enhanced vigorously with new features and improvements. Soon the game will feature the same fight list style familiar from other mafia games. Since the game has just launched, new players are all the game really needs to be a big success and highly enjoyable for all players. Come check it out! The most important thing to concentrate on in the beginning is performing crime jobs to advance your level and working out in the gym. By the time you’re ready to battle it out, perhaps the new fight system will already be in place! So, get started building up your character so that once it is available, you will be ready! Of course, you can also fight now from any player’s page in the meantime, if you so choose. On one last note, be sure to check out the "How to Play" tutorial under the Account section. If contains valuable information all players need to know. Mafia MoFo is a bit different from the others, but easy to play once you get the hang of things. Of course, the differences it features are what make the game as great as it is!